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Additional Information


As a Student:

  • Amassed over 110K followers & 40 million views for my educational content on social media

  • Visited over 15 state schools to give tips on exam preparation and study skills

  • Run community of 2000+ students on Discord to encourage collaborative academic growth

As a Business:

  • Earned £20,000 from Social Media Consultancy

  • Worked with companies including the Oxford University Press, Collins, and Ryman

  • TV and Media Appearances


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Some of us mentors!

The Potential Project


  • Founded FREE project to support under-resourced students in achieving academic success, irrespective of background

  • Experimented with several pedagogies (mainly the Socratic Method)

  • Supported 40 students from across the United Kingdom


  • Led Team of 8 Project Mentors, each mentoring 5 students

  • Recruited 20 Subject Mentors to provide on-demand tuition for every GCSE subject


  • Achieved 92% A*- A (on par with the UK's top private schools)

  • 93% of students stated they had a love for learning, compared to 73% initially

GCSE Chemistry Textbook


  • Co-authored FREE GCSE Chemistry Textbook with friends

  • Designed to combat short attention spans through engaging, relatable explanations

Launch Event:

  • Organised & advertised UK's Largest StudyTuber event (200 attendees) in Hyde Park

  • Ran discussion group on mental health during exam season


  • Distributed over 15,000 digital copies globally

  • Distributed over 100 physical copies at the event

  • Secured £1000 funding from

  • Covered cost of printing textbooks (also received internship offer from CEO!)

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AQA Student Advisor


  • One of 15 Students advising AQA, the UK's largest examination board

  • Represent millions of students across the globe who sit AQA qualifications


  • Advised The Labour Party's Shadow Education Cabinet on cultural education reform

  • Suggested policies for Labour's latest Education Manifesto

  • Spoken at several Education conferences

  • Proposed EdTech project to AQA's board and the advisory group

Future Plans:

  • Working with AQA's Head of EdTech to support new educational attainment project

Senior Head Prefect

  • Leader of the School's Student Union

  • Secured £28,000 grant from the City of London Corporation to support cultural education project

  • Attended the Lord Mayor's Banquet, dining with the Prime Minister alongside other influential individuals (CEOs, Founders, etc)

  • Created The StudySmart Initiative, an academic attainment improvement project, which involved creating an inhouse study website

  • Organised Historical Debating Competition against one of the most prestigious schools in the UK

  • Conducted outreach at local schools to encourage applications to our school

  • Interviewed students for admission into the school

  • Met with Jeremy Corbyn MP, Former Leader of the Labour Party, to discuss my school, the local area, and environmental education


Welwyn Hatfield Youth Council


  • Working with other students to make a difference within the local community 


  • Hosted 2022 Youth Awards (photo adjacent!)

  • Ran provocation on Cultural Education with the local Cultural Education Partnership, reaching educators at over 130 schools

  • Spoke at British Government's Education Board dinner (discussed social mobility)

  • Reintroducing the local Youth Parliament scheme after 10 years of absence

  • Volunteer for The Labour Party since Grade 7: leafleting, attending meetings, evaluating policy

Football (Soccer)

Individual Awards:

  • Captain of Local Football Team for 6 years

  • Voted Player of the Year 3x by teammates and coach

Team Awards:

  • Winner of 2019 and 2020 Regional Cup

  • Climbed from Division 5 to Division 1 during tenure

Other Activities:

  • Refereed Girls Youth League for 2 years

  • Organised club's First Ever Kids v Parents charity match (now yearly)



That's all from me!

With Gratitude,

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